Weblinks – Part I

Some websites and blogs that I like


Manfred Kriegelstein (German Amateur Photographer)

Le Grandseignior and most decorated German Amateur Photographer and member of the German Photographic Society. Apart from his impressive portfolio with many masterpieces and examples of “what makes a good picture” his perfectionism impresses me and they way he uses light and lighting to guide the viewer through his pictures. I also recommend reading his publications pages (unfortunately only in German on his website), especially his critique about the state of German Amateur Photography and club scene.

Manfred Kriegelstein
© Manfred Kriegelstein

PhotoPortale – Lumifaktur

“Lumifaktur” (previously “PhotoPortale”) is a forum of mostly German Amateur Photographers who decided to meet in the internet for exchanging views and ideas, picture critiques and exhibitions and everything that would happen in a “normal” photo club. The focus is clearly more on producing picture series and personal photographic expression than on “wow” voted single images. Go visit and you will see the difference.


Yanidel – Street Photography

Yanidel is one of the most influential street photographers worldwide. He runs a daily blog since 2008 and shares his knowledge and experiences, techniques and “howto’s” about street photography, freely . The definite resource for enthusiasts and newcomers and everyone interested in street photography….

(c) Yanidel
(c) Yanidel

Juergen Teller – Fashion Avantgarde

I became fascinated about Juergen Teller’s work, life, and style after I saw the report and biography about him on the TV, by chance. See Juergen Teller bio in “LIDO” show of BR (mediathek)

Juergen is most famous for his extraordinary fashion photography for Labels like Marc Jacobs, and Yvonne Westwood, but even more for his unique way of portraying celebrities and poeple. 15 year old Kate Moss was never seen like this before and after.

More pictures on my “Pinterest” wall or here.


Juergen Teller - Artists - Lehmann Maupin
(c) Juergen Teller – Artists – Lehmann Maupin


kwerfeldein – online magazine

Kwerfeldein is one of the most frequently read and visited German blogs, community and magazine about contemporary photography.


lenscultue – online magazine

A definitive resource for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends and debates in contemporary photography. It features essays, reviews and interviews as well as portfolios of newcomers.

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