Sublimations of Paris

Sublimations of Paris

During my business travels abroad, like most of us, I travel in cars, cabs, trains or busses, or sometimes even boats to move quickly from airports to the meeting places.

City scenes fly by and pass and in the visitor’s eyes they melt together and form an impression of time and colors and movement that is much different from a tourist photo or even an artist who would spend months to capture the unique atmosphere of the characteristic city scenes and places. During a recent stay with my family in New York City, with a severe jet-lag, the impressionistic view even became amplified due to the drunken tiredness that had captured my brain and energies.

During that stay in NYC I tried for the first time to capture these impressionistic scenes with long exposure time, but results were not satisfactory: The street and city lights led to overexposed highlights and pictures just did not look nice.

This year we went for some days to Paris and  I tried again in late afternoon with cloudy skies. This looks much closer to what I wanted to do – still not perfect though.

What I like at these pictures is the impressionistic effect that comes from a kind of multi exposure  – created by the image stabilizer of the camera. If you go close enough you will see overlays of things etched into the background – e.g. leaves in a window screen. If you look at the pictures at normal distance it gets an entirely different expression.

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