2 Days in New York City

2 Days in New York
When you arrive for the first time in Manhattan, as a European tourist typically on a Saturday evening, and jet lagged and tired, New York City is usually is full of tourists streaming to the popular places

You don’t feel like setting up tripod and your gear, and you are not in the mood to make the coolest of all New York skyline photos. I tried to stay awake and yet wanted to conserve these visual impressions, but in my memory only the fast forward playback of a recorded movie is present, a fragmented collection of color and collective movement in one direction – up to Times Square.

Next day: Rainy Sunday !
So – Museum Day, naturally. We chose Guggenheim and Grand Central Station and walked over and up to Rockefeller Center – after that had a nap and a nice Korean dinner and really good sleep.

Day Three: Sunny skies and Manhattan full of steam.
Like most photographers I felt tempted, for sure, to go to these well-known and often seen popular places and make yet another of these Manhattan skyline night and HDR “cityscape” pictures, but would they be any better or different from what you have seen in many other versions on the forums, and books ?

I resisted and tried to capture what a tourist can see within 2 days – and despite jet lag and tiredness  I tried to see more than a usual tourist. More or less successfully.

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